How To Delete Virus Shortcut in USB Clear 100% | Good Tips

Virus Shortcut in USB is really annoying. Once your USB is infected with the virus, it will spread to any other computer when it is plugged in. And the other USB when plugged into the computer is infected with this virus. So how to kill the virus on the USB shortcut. Today I will guide you how to kill Virus Shortcut for USB.

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Before going into detailed instructions on how to kill virus USB Shortcut please tell us briefly about Virus Shortcut.

Virus Shortcut in USB is a virus that hides the contents of your files and instead is a shortcut to the files. All your files are undamaged and still safe. In other words, this is a virus that annoys users. The only harm to this virus is that it is a nuisance in its use and in its way of spreading. It’s tiring to open the file and wait for the shortcuts to come out, and then any machine that has a strong antivirus program, I swear you will not be able to open the shortcut. In addition, the machine has a continuous fault. Therefore, the removal of this virus is needed more than ever.

Before you follow the instructions below, you note to copy all data in USB to backup.

– Step 1: Download the USBFIX 2018 software HERE. (Click on the link to download it => Check the box I’m not a robot => Wait 3 seconds => Press the GET LINK button).

– Step 2: Disconnect the Internet. This step is aimed at not letting the program run the update. If you leave the Internet as the program will ask for updates.

– Step 3: Run the FIX 2018 software (downloaded above) => Click the Clean button (green) as shown below:

– Step 4: The program will then show some notifications, you just select the NO and OK option only! During work, the USBFIX program can turn off some of your running applications. Waiting for USBFIX to run 100% has killed the virus. Now you unplug the USB and plug in again to know it immediately.