Fix Unknown Device Driver Issues. Easily!

Unknown Device issue is the common issue after Windows upgrade especially when you upgrade to Windows 10. It is also common in Windows 7. You can fix this issue by updating the drivers.

There are three ways to update the drivers. Just choose an easier way for you.

Way 1: Update the driver via Device Manager
Way 2: Download and Install the driver Manually
Way 3 (Recommended): Update the driver using Driver Easy

Way 1: Update the driver via Device Manager

You don’t need to know that the Unknown Device is if you update the driver via Device Manager. In this way, Windows will identify and install the driver automatically. Follow these steps:

1. Open Device Manager.

2. Right-click on the Unknown device and click Update Driver Software.

3. Select Search automatically for updated driver software then Windows will install the new driver automatically.


Way 2: Download and Install the driver Manually

If you download driver from the PC manufacturer or the device manufacturer, you at least need to identify the device name. But for Unknown device, it is impossible to get their device name directly. In this case, it is hard or impossible to find the right driver. Fortunately, every device has its own hardware id. You can use the hardware id to identify the unknown device then find the right driver. 

Follow steps below to get the hardware id of the unknown device.

1. Go to Device Manager.

2. Right-click on the Unknown device and click Properties.

3. Click Details tab and click the drop down menu of Property.

Select Hardware Ids from the drop down menu and the value field will pop up with a list of values.

Right-click on the top-most value and choose Copy from the menu.

After that, paste the value into the search engine you like and you’ll identify the unknown device. Then you can go to the PC manufacturer’s website or the device manufacturer’s website to download the driver you need. Note you need to know the version of Windows in order to download the correct driver.


Way 3 (Recommended): Update the driver using Driver Easy

You can use Driver Easy to fix the Unknown device issues. Driver Easy will scan your computer and identify any problem drivers including the unknown device driver. You can update the driver for the unknown device without any computer skills and time wasted. Driver Easy has Free version and Pro version. With the Pro version, to update all drivers, all you need to do is click your mouse 2 times.

1. Click Scan Now button. Then Driver Easy will scan your computer in several seconds then detect all problem drivers.

2. Click Update All button. Then all drivers will be downloaded and installed in several minutes.

To fix the unknown device issues, you can update the drivers manually or use Driver Easy to update the drivers automatically.

If you have any questions, please leave your comments below. I’d be happy to answer your questions.